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Whether training is given  inthe classroom or elsewhere, the success of Abacus learnings Academy  programs is measured by practical outcomes  and one which produces meaningful and practical training for our  Program Participants.

The Abacus Learning Academy strives to ensure Abacus Training Programs  are the best available & at bringing practical, real-world experience to the classroom in engaging, relevant and high-quality courses.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to impart Abacus knowledge & skills that would tremendously result not only in increased productivity but also in enhanced personal effectiveness of the course participant,thereby enhancing their contributions to their future goals 

Abacus & Vedic Mathematics Programs offered


Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics

 Why Abacus

  • Boosting  calculation skills, children  become better and faster in calculation.
  • Develops the mental visualization skills.
  • Abacus program improves the logical reasoning.
  • Enhances the photographic memory which improves the reading and writing.
  • Improves & sharpens the concentration and observation power.
  • Improves problem solving ability.
  • Abacus provides the endurance for the stress and pressure in children .
  • Abacus makes mathematics learning meaningful & fun.
  • Helps in developing self–esteem and confidence. 
  • Abacus is very effective for those who do not like learning math.

Abacus Programs offered 

Runner - (Age Group 4-9yrs)

This is 5 Level Program  for students between 1st to 4th Standard. Total duration is of 17 Months.

Sprinters - (Age Group 10-14yrs)

This is 4 Level Program for students who are in 5th Standard and above. Total duration is of 13 Months.

Advance Level

This is 2 Level Program. Students after completing Runners or Sprinters Program are qualified to attend Advance Program.

Grand Level

This is 2 Level Prorgram.  Students after completing Advance Program are qualified to attend Grand Program.

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics


Vedic mathematics has origin from the fourth veda called “Atharva Veda”. Vedic mathematics is a system of mathematics which consists a list of basic 16 sutras. Vedic mathematics was introduced by “Hindu Scholar” of mathematics in the early age of 20th century. The calculating strategies provided by Vedic mathematics are very creative and useful which can be applied in a number of ways to calculate various methods in arithmetic and Algebra.


  • Develops the children mind
  • Increased calculation capacity
  • Extensively used in solving the geometry, calculus and computing
  • Useful for the Competitive Exams

This course is designed for in the age group 12 yrs above and is divided in 3 levels

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